Singapore to increase security


The organisers of the Singapore Grand Prix will tighten security for next year's race after a track invader brought out the Safety Car last Sunday.

The man was arrested last Sunday night after making his way onto the track much to the shock of race leader Sebastian Vettel.

An investigation was launched into the incident with Clerk of the Course Gabriel Tan revealing that the spectator climbed a security fence to gain access to a marshal zone.

From there the determined fan crossed a carriageway and slid through the opening of a designated Egress Point to get to the track.

And while Tan stated that it is "common for most circuits" for race officials to only man "approximately half of the EPs" and for security to patrol the rest, his reports acknowledges that a "substantial" increase in both is needed as are higher fences.

His report concluded that "the Singapore Grand Prix organisation is currently studying plans to increase security in identified areas. In the affected area where the intrusion occurred, it is considering plans for the installation of higher spectator fences.

"A substantial increase in the number of marshals in attendance at the event is also being evaluated. These marshals would work hand-in-hand with the security personnel in spectator areas."