Sirotkin convinced he’ll prove ‘critics wrong’


Heavily criticised since being announced as a Williams driver, Sergey Sirotkin says he’ll be the first to admit if he is out of his depth – but he’s adamant he’s not.

This season the Russian driver will partner Lance Stroll at Williams having beaten Robert Kubica to the race-seat.

However, backed by SMP Racing, believed to be to the tune of 15 million, Sirotkin has been labelled a ‘pay driver’ and wasn’t done any favours when Kubica topped the timesheet for Williams in testing.

The 22-year-old, though, is confident he will find his feet and silence his critics.

“I know my level, I know what my weaknesses are,” he told “I know the areas in which I can and I must improve.”

He added: “I won’t hide – I’ll be the first to recognise it and say, ‘Sorry guys, you were right. I don’t deserve to be here.’

“But I’m sure I will prove my critics wrong.”