Smedley confident of closing Merc gap

Date published: December 19 2014 - Editor

Williams head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley believes the rest of the pack will eventually catch up with Mercedes as “nothing lasts forever”.

Mercedes were by far and away the best team on the grid this year as they won 16 out of 19 races to secure the Constructors’ Championship with Lewis Hamilton beating team-mate Nico Rosberg to the Drivers’ title.

Williams, though, improved throughout the campaign and finished third in the Constructors’ standings and Smedley is confident they will continue to chip away at Merc’s advantage.

“When one team is dominant and they have a big advantage, nothing lasts forever,” he is quoted as saying by Autosport.

“If you look at the gap we had in Australia and the gap we had in the last race of the year, I think that if anything it has probably been getting a little bit better.

“People understand how to develop their car better, they understand how to build a better chassis, have better harmony between the power unit and the chassis, and that dominance is usually decreased.

“It is up to us, the other teams, whether we are Williams, whether we are Red Bull, whether we are Ferrari, to go out and to do a better job than everybody else.”