‘Speed bumps’ added to Sochi’s Turn 2


‘Speed bumps’ have been added at Turn 2 at the Sochi Autodrom to prevent drivers from cutting the kerbs and running wide to gain an advantage.

Turn 2 at the Russian circuit is a tight right-hander at the end of a long home straight.

It has been shown in the past that running wide at this corner allows for better acceleration into the long Turn 3 left-hander.

This year, though, the FIA have taken steps to prevent that by adding two 50mm high orange ‘speed bumps’ to the exit at Turn 2.

A statement read: “Any driver who fails to negotiate Turn 2 by using the track, and who passes completely to the left of the orange kerb element on the apex, must then keep to the left of the second new orange kerb element on the edge of the artificial grass and re-join the track safely at the start of Turn 3.”

Turn 2 has also been the location of several first lap crashes in recent years.