Stationary brand 3M opposes F1 logo


Formula 1’s logo could be in for a fight after Post-It Note maker 3M filed opposition to the logo that closely matches their own.

Last year Liberty Media unveiled the sport’s new logo, saying it was time for a change.

The new logo is made up of two parts, a curved stripe with a white line through it to make the ‘F’ followed by a straight line making up the ‘1’.

The ‘F’, though, looks almost exactly like 3M’s logo for their Futuro range of therapeutic clothing.

As such 3M have now taken action, lodging opposition to F1’s logo application with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

According to the Daily Telegraph, 3M applied for the trademark for their Futuro logo in February 2017 with it registered four months later.

And with F1 now applying for their own trademark, which would include clothing but not therapeutic clothing, 3M have taken action.

Should the EUIPO rule in 3M’s favour, Formula 1 will have to start designing a new logo and rebrand at a considerable cost.