Steiner: Beyond our expectations


Haas team principal Guenther Steiner concedes his team's incredible Formula 1 debut would not have been possible without Ferrari's help.

Haas entered Formula 1 this season with the assistance from Ferrari, with whom they have a technical partnership.

Not only is the VF-16 powered the Ferrari but the car also carries the Italian stable's suspension and other parts.

It all went towards a memorable debut in which Romain Grosjean raced his Haas from P19 on the grid to sixth at the chequered flag.

"You aim high and you want points, but after qualifying we didn't expect to finish sixth," Steiner stated.

"A deserved sixth, on merit, because the speed is there, it is pretty cool.

"This is beyond our expectations. Being competitive with the other cars is more satisfying than taking points."

The team boss admitted that Haas' partnership with Ferrari played a role in helping the team make their impressive debut.

"Without the help from Ferrari, this wouldn't have happened. It cannot happen," he said.

"That's what we said we are not going to do it like the other [new teams] because it's more of the same. We'd be five or six years without points. And then anybody would run out of enthusiasm and money.

"I'm cautious to say it's working, because we still have to repeat this. It's just one race. But the car is there, in the midfield, and that's already positive."