Steiner: Formula E does not pose a threat


Haas team boss Guenther Steiner has labelled Formula E as merely "trendy" and does not believe it will dislodge Formula 1 as the pinnacle of motorsport.

The likes of Mercedes and Porsche have joined the all-electric series in recent weeks but, despite the big manufacturers signing up for the category, Steiner thinks Formula 1 should not feel threatened by its increasing popularity.

"I still see F1 in a very good place," Steiner told "It is the pinnacle of motorsport.

"FE is trending at the moment. Everyone wants to be part of this electric movement, which is fully understandable.

"But when there are seven or eight manufacturers involved, not all can win.

"There will also immediately be a war over who can do more, who wants authority and all those sort of things.

"I see it as an additional series, but I don't see it as a threat. If it was a threat, we would just put electric motors in [F1 cars].