Steiner: Haas hampered by cost cap uncertainty


Guenther Steiner would like clarity on Liberty Media’s plans to introduce a cost cap sooner rather than later.

As Formula 1’s newest team, Haas are still growing, both in terms of experience and staff numbers.

And while Steiner would like to increase the latter, he concedes that wouldn’t be a good idea at present as the introduction of a budget cap in the coming years would mean then having to let go some of those staff members.

“We’ve already started this process at about mid-season when we discussed we were still up and down and needed to settle,” the Haas team boss explained.

“At the moment we want to stop because we want to see what Liberty Media comes up with for the cost cap. Why would we grow a team for one or two years then to dismantle it again?

“That is never good, so you’d rather try to work with a smaller amount of people and when the cost cap is here if there are no negatives then we can grow and have growing pains rather than the pain of letting people go.

“We have to manage better the people we have at the moment. After next year we will know more about the new direction of the sport ahead of 2020-2021.

“With the cost cap coming in we don’t really know where to go and at the moment I don’t want to grow any bigger after our next step.

“Once we know where the sport is going then we can react but there is no point to react now and then counter-react a year later.”