Steiner hoping tyre choice for Canada works out


With Ultra soft compound tyres making a second appearance at the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix, Haas team boss Guenther Steiner is hoping that they made the correct choice in going aggressive, taking 20 sets to Montreal.

It is also worth noting that teams made their selections 14 weeks prior to flyaway race like Canada, so they had no knowledge other than testing of how the tyres would react in certain conditions.

Steiner admitted that his US-based team took a chance with their choices but also added that they it could work in their advantage.

“We’re only using the ultrasoft and soft,” said the Italian.

“It’s a challenge to find the perfect working ranges for these tyres. We’ve never had the ultrasoft in Canada. It just debuted in the last race at Monaco. We need to see how that tyre works, specifically, in Canada.

“We only tested the ultrasofts once before making the decision to use them in Canada, and that was in Barcelona [testing]. We will see in Canada if we made the right decision.

“We know more about the ultrasofts now after having used them in Monaco. We just need to do our best to make them work as best as possible.”

Haas has also opted against taking any soft compound tyres to Canada, something that was mirrored by Renault.