Steiner: I will talk to Esteban in Abu Dhabi


Following a spat between Haas team boss Guenther Steiner and Esteban Gutierrez, the Italian said he will talk to his driver in Abu Dhabi to clear the air.

Just days after Gutierrez was told that Haas will not be extending his contract into the 2017 season, the Mexican and Steiner got into a heated argument when the former retired from the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Defending his out-going driver, Steiner explained that Gutierrez’s emotions were running high so it was understandable that things got a bit heated.

"I think it is emotional when you are told something like this," said the Haas team boss.

"I respect that and therefore I don't want to get into I say, he says. He has his feelings. The feelings were hurt, which I understand and respect as well. But I don't want to go back and explain what the criteria was."

"It was fair and very subjective as well, but set in a moment where he was emotional by the decision and everything, it could be something different when he thinks about it in a few days."

Steiner also didn’t want to reveal anything said during the argument as he wants to sit down and chat to the 25-year-old face-to-face.

"For me to sit here and discuss whether we were fair or not, I don't want to do that. I don't want to wash dirty underwear in public,” he added.

"I will talk with him, and I told him in Abu Dhabi I want to sit down again with him and explain when he has calmed down."