Steiner jumps to Magnussen’s defence


Guenther Steiner has once again defended Kevin Magnussen, this time after Fernando Alonso called him an “idiot” at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Alonso and Magnussen clashed during the Sepang race as they went wheel-to-wheel.

The Spaniard was unhappy with the Haas driver’s antics, calling him “an idiot” over the team radio.

He added that Nico “Hulkenberg was right”, referencing the Renault driver calling him “an ***hole” as Magnussen told him to “suck my b*lls.”

Speaking to the media after the race, Alonso said: “For his driving, we more or less agree with the other drivers, it’s 19-1.”

Steiner has brushed aside the latest round of criticism aimed at his driver.

“Alonso is accustomed to that because a very charismatic and skilled driver,” the Haas team boss told Ekstra Bladet newspaper. “A fierce dog.

“And if someone confronts him then … this is how he got the reputation.

“Someone will topple him off the throne at one time or another in his life.”

He added: “I think they both pushed it to the limit, and that is what people want to see.”