Steiner on a ‘stable’ Haas


After their first seven races, Guenther Steiner has said that Haas are looking a much more stable team now as they head to Baku for the European Grand Prix.

With this being their first season in F1, Haas picked up a combined 18 points in their two opening races but only managed to muster up five points in the next five GP’s.

However, despite an impressive debut season from the American team, Steiner believes that they are still learning about each and every track as they go along but did claim that they are more comfortable than they were at the start of the year.

“We are still learning,” Steiner said. “We’e gotten a lot more stable. I think we can always be in a position to score points. We always try to improve, to get better, especially in qualifying. I think our race performance is better than our qualifying performance.

“Again, it’s a learning phase. We are pretty happy with the whole team, how they developed over the past three months, especially from where we came from.

“We’ve only had seven races. I keep forgetting myself. Baku is only our eighth race, while we compete with people who have been here for years. All in all, we just keep trying to do a better job at each race while preparing for the new car coming next year.

“The big teams have more information because they go and get more information. Normally, they are better off because they’ve got more people to get prepared. They will always have an advantage, but at a new venue like Baku, sometimes you can get lucky.”