Steiner unwilling to commit to firm goals


Gunther Steiner is refusing to set an exact goal for Haas ahead of their debut season, conceding that would be “trying to hit a moving target.”

There are been a lot of talk about Haas and the team’s potential ahead of their first season in Formula 1.

With a Dallara chassis, Ferrari engine and Romain Grosjean behind the wheel many are predicting that the American outfit could score points in their debut campaign.

Steiner, though, isn’t willing to make any firm predictions just yet.

“It’s always difficult to say certainly which team you compete [with], because we don’t know who is strongest or isn’t strong,” the team boss told NBC Sport.

“You’re trying to hit a moving target. We don’t know what they’re coming out with, so it’s always difficult to say who will be the competition or how good they are until you get to Spain.

“You get a good understanding there. You don’t get the complete picture. The complete picture you get in Australia. But in Spain, you are 80% there. It could be completely different [from last season]. You just don’t know.”