Steiner: We took him on for a reason


Receiving plenty of praise after the Australian Grand Prix, Haas F1 Team boss Guenther Steiner has expressed his delight at the team's decision to recruit Romain Grosjean for their debut season.

The Frenchman finished the race in an unexpected 6th place, which he described as good as a win, and proved that despite being a brand new team on the grid they can still compete with the more experienced constructors.

Steiner revealed that Grosjean's pace matched with his experience in the sport makes it a real coup for their American-based team.

"We took him on for this reason," he told

"He's fast but he’s experienced. He can manage the tyres, he's known for that.

"He did all what we took him on for, he delivered, that's why we took Romain. He delivered at the perfect level."

Spreading the applause, Steiner also complimented the entire team for their relentless hard work they put in to get their cars ready for the 2016 season.

"Absolutely, I mean everybody did a great job. I mean, the last two months I wouldn’t like to have been any of these guys," he said.

"They worked day and night, but continuously, it wasn't like they did it once. No, we built the car, we went testing, day and night, then we went to the factory to rebuild the cars, then we came here and we had some gremlins and some problems.

"Then it rained, we didn't do any testing and I think our drivers maybe each did seven timed laps before going in to the race, it's quite amazing. But it happens, so we take it."