Stroll already more ‘confident’ in the car


As Formula 1’s pre-season testing draws to a close, Lance Stroll says he is already more confident behind the wheel of the FW40 than he was during the previous week’s running.

Stroll made headlines last week in Barcelona as the rookie had three offs in two days, two of which cost Williams valuable track time.

The second of which in fact cost them an entire day’s running as the rookie driver damaged the chassis.

But despite his early troubles, Stroll has had a clean second week behind the wheel and says he’s already more confident in the car.

“I guess you could say troubles, but it was also positive last week. There were a lot of positive things from last week that we brought into this week,” Stroll said.

“I don’t think people really see it because of the issues that happened, but I felt already confident last week in the car, and this week I feel really confident in the car.

“Just getting to grips with it, but tomorrow’s another big day and looking forward to learning some more tomorrow and bringing it to Melbourne.”

His incidents in the opening led to a barrage of criticism, however, the 18-year-old is adamant that he won’t let it distract him from the job at hand.

“That was last week. What’s news is what’s happening now in the present. I’m looking at what’s happening now in the present.

“I’m looking at the positive week that we’re having so far. Last week is last week. I don’t read much of the negative stuff, I focus on my own things.”