Stroll and Sainz play the blame game


Lance Stroll and Carlos Sainz have both pointed the finger at each other following their Bahrain GP crash for which the Toro Rosso driver has been hit with a three-place grid drop for Russia.

Exiting the pits at the Sakhir circuit, Sainz smashed into the side of Stroll's Williams causing damage to both cars.

The two drivers retired with the stewards later penalising Sainz for the crash.
The Spaniard has been slapped with a three-place grid penalty for the next grand prix, the Russian GP.

Stroll reckons it is deserved as Sainz was in the wrong, he dive-bombed him.

"I just got completely hit on the side," he said. "Sainz was like 50, 60 metres behind me in the braking zone and just dive-bombed as I was turning.

"He just completely drove into the side of me. I just saw the video, it's ridiculous.

"It's just unlucky, it's so unlucky. I just hope my luck turns around soon. I can be frustrated, but it's not going to get me anywhere. I just hope my luck turns around."

Sainz, however, has a different view.

He believes the blame rests with his rival, who should have left him room.

"On the inside he suddenly just came onto the inside like I wasn't there," said the Toro Rosso.

"I think he simply didn't see me, he didn't expect me there or something because if not he would have left me a car space.

"You are allowed to turn in, but when you have someone inside, you have to leave at least one car's margin in case there's someone there. I think he simply didn't see me, and wasn't expecting me to be there."

The stewards blamed the Toro Rosso driver alone stating that video evidence “showed that car 18 was on the normal racing line, car 55 left the pit lane and made a very optimistic attempt to pass car 18 into the corner.

"The Stewards decided that the driver of car 55 was predominately to blame for causing the collision in violation of Article 27.4 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.”