Stroll: Better opportunities with Williams


Walking away from Ferrari in favour of a development driver role at Williams was the "right move" for his F1 future, says Lance Stroll.

Last year Williams announced that they had signed 17-year-old Stroll as a development driver, putting him in prime position to progress through the ranks.

The move came as a surprise to some as Stroll left the Ferrari Driver Academy to take up the role at Williams.

The Canadian, though, believes Williams is the better option for his future.

Speaking to, he explained: "Multiple reasons – first of all, Williams has a great history of believing in young drivers, they've given many rookie drivers a chance in Formula 1. That was important for us, because Ferrari has a different approach; they tend to take more veteran drivers to fight for the championship.

"Williams was more what we were looking for, at least in the near future, and they were very welcoming. We were speaking to them as early as July, and we had the feeling that we were at home with Williams.

"We had that also with Ferrari, but Williams offered me a good position as a development driver with time in the simulator. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of days in an older Formula 1 car this year as well, which is very exciting."

Pressed as to whether Ferrari were not 'offering the progression' he was looking for, Stroll said: "It’s a different world. I was in the Ferrari junior programme, which was more basic – a training programme, a lot of gym work and mental work. Williams does that as well, but at the same time I get a lot more time to be closer to the Formula 1 team: more simulator time, more involved at the Grands Prix themselves with the engineers.

"I feel like we can be closer right now with Williams, and I’m working with them rather than just being part of a training camp like at Ferrari. For the future, it’s the right move."