Stroll dismisses ‘lead driver’ role


Lance Stroll does not see himself as the lead Williams driver this season – despite him being the most experienced racer.

At 19 years old and with just 20 Formula 1 races to his name, the Canadian is, in effect, the elder statesman at Williams as he lines up alongside rookie Sergey Sirotkin.

But Stroll does not see himself this way, instead saying that it is very much a collective effort at the Grove-based team.

“Lead the team is maybe the wrong word,” Stroll said.

“I have a year under my belt compared to Sergey but at the same time we’re all in it together.

“There’s not a lead driver and a second driver, it’s one team and we want to get the most out of the package that’s available.

“My job remains the same, regardless of who is on the other side of the garage.”

Stroll then added that he sees the new season as business as usual, with preparation no different to last year.

He added: “I have a group of people I work with and we want to get the most out of our package. That’s the objective for this year just like it was for last year.

“Our meetings are the same, everything’s the same. Of course we don’t have the most experienced line-up but there are some good people around us.

“There is a lot of experience around the engineering table in order to help us, so I believe we have a good team in place going into the season.”