Stroll excited to be mentored by Massa


Formula 1 rookie Lance Stroll is excited about the prospect of teaming up with Felipe Massa as he is well respected, and a team player.

Although Massa retired from Formula 1 at the end of last season, the Brazilian was lured back by Williams when they lost Valtteri Bottas to Mercedes.

The team reportedly wanted an experienced driver to guide their new rookie signing Stroll with Massa fitting that bill.

With 14 years of F1 racing under his belt and huge respect from all in the paddock, Stroll could not ask for a better mentor.

“I am really am looking forward to Felipe to being a mentor to me,” said the Canadian.

“Of course we’re competitors and we want to beat each other, but at the same time I think he has a lot of respect as a driver.

“We all know that he’s very well respected throughout the paddock and he’s a nice guy, and he’s a team player. That’s really all you ask for being in a team.

“You want someone who’s a team player that will help the team go forward and not kind of create a problem on both sides of the garage.

“I think that is really important to have two drivers who want to push the team in the right direction rather than fighting.

“It’s good to have that competitiveness in the team and that urge to want to beat the driver next to you, but at the same time I think we’re going to respect each other.

“We’re going to want the best for the team. We’re going to help the team in the best way possible.”