Stroll hoping for ‘classic race’ in Japan

Date published: October 4 2017 - Editor

Lance Stroll is hoping to be part of a memorable race at Suzuka; Felipe Massa labels the circuit as "one of the best tracks in the world".

Felipe Massa: “Suzuka is definitely one of the best tracks in the world and one where I really love racing. I think the car we have this year will be amazing there with the high downforce and the high-speed corners, so I am really looking forward to going there. Another great thing about being in Japan is the fans, who are some of the best we come across during the year.”

Lance Stroll: “I have heard so many great things about this track. All the drivers seem to love it and I am told the Japanese fans are also great. I am especially looking forward to Suzuka and spending a lot of time out in Asia. There have been some classic races there and let’s hope this year is the same. I am a big fan of the food and I especially love sushi and sashimi.”