Stroll: I don’t care about the critics


Lance Stroll is adamant he won’t left his critics get him down, confident he bounced back at the second of the two pre-season tests.

The 18-year-old Canadian made headlines during his first week of Formula 1 testing as he suffered three offs in two days.

The second and third sidelined Williams as he initially broke a wing for which they had no replacement and then damaged the chassis, costing them an entire day of track time.

As such Stroll came in for a barrage of criticism from F1 fans online.

He did, however, bounce back during the second week of testing with an error-free performance.

“I don’t care about the critics. It’s none of my business,” he told Autosport.

“We’re all professionals. Things happen in motorsports and you’ve just got to bounce back from it.

“It’s all pretty straightforward to everyone.

“It was a frustrating [first] week but we set our minds on [test two] and did a good job.

“We got all our running in: long runs, short runs, all compounds of tyres, so it was a good week.

“I was going to do a 1m19.5s before I went off. I was eight tenths up on that lap on the ultra-softs.

“I think it’s quite OK but it’s not the time to be focused on lap times.”

Stroll will make his Formula 1 debut next week but says he goes into the race without any objectives in mind.

“We’ve still got to stay calm and I don’t think we really need to set an objective,” he added.

“It’s obviously a new track for me. It’s a different track – it’s not like a normal race weekend.

“It is a road course, so there’s a lot to learn over there but I’m just going to take it step by step, run by run.”