Stroll: Massa is not my mentor


Despite earlier stating that he is looking forward to Felipe Massa “being a mentor”, Lance Stroll says the Brazilian is as much a rival as the other 18 drivers.

Signing rookie racer Stroll to their line-up for this year’s championship, Williams persuaded Massa to cut short his retirement in order to partner the rookie with an experienced driver.

This has led to suggestions that Massa will fill the role of mentor to Stroll, a sentiment that the 18-year-old endorsed last month.

“I am really am looking forward to Felipe to being a mentor to me,” he said.

However, as the Formula 1 season draws ever closer, Stroll now says the Brazilian is as much a rival as all the other drivers.

“I think mentor is the wrong word,” he told

“He’s here pushing for himself as much as anyone is pushing for themselves.

“I think it’s just great to have him in the team, helping the team move forwards, bringing a lot of experience to the team and there’s a lot definitely that I can pick up from him.

“Him and myself are going to help the team move forwards as much as possible.”

Stroll is, however, hoping to have a good relationship with his team-mate who he knows from their days together at Ferrari.

He added: “I know him from our days in Ferrari and he’s an open guy, he’s a team player.

“He’s an honest guy and that’s kind of all you really ask for when you have a team-mate.

“It’s a positive spirit and a positive attitude in the team and everyone is really looking forward to the season and the rest of the tests, to get some more running.”