Sunday talks for qualy agreement


Jean Todt will meet with the F1 team bosses and Bernie Ecclestone on Sunday to make a final ruling on the qualifying format.

The controversial elimination system will be used this weekend in Bahrain despite widespread criticism in the wake of its Australian debut.

In the immediate aftermath there were plans to revert to the old system but after an F1 Commission meeting it was announced that the new system would remain in place for Bahrain.

It is, however, up for discussion come Sunday morning.

“Whatever we decide I am optimistic we will get unanimous agreement tomorrow,” Todt told the media in Bahrain.

He added: “We will have learned more from qualifying [in Bahrain].

“But in my opinion, Q1 and Q2 will be optimised. Q3, which is the biggest problem, one opportunity is to have another set of tyres. That will increase the show.

“Another possibility is that with the top eight, the eight quickest from Q2 leaves first at the green flag, and while he is doing his lap, the seventh quickest goes and does his lap.

“So you have one car alone on the track with an unpredictable final result. There are a lot of solutions that can be highlighted.

“But I felt it was necessary to give one more chance to this form of qualifying before reverting back to 2015.”

The FIA President believes there is still a chance for the new system to be a success but in order to do so teams will need an extra set of the softest tyres to run in Q3.

“Australia happened, and clearly it was a disappointment about Q3,” said the Frenchman.

“Why was it a disappointment? Because for the first time in a long time, with three minutes to go, we had drivers climbing out of the car.

“So the immediate reaction was to speak to Charlie over the phone, and he suggested one of the problems with Q3 was that the drivers were missing a set of tyres.

“So I asked Charlie to speak to Pirelli and see if it would be possible to introduce for Q3 one more set of super-soft tyres, which he did.”

Pirelli, though, did not have the time needed to bring an extra set of tyres to Bahrain this weekend.

Todt added: “They have said to you it would be possible for China, but with additional cost.”