Sunday’s German GP press conference


Race winner Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel attended the post-race interviews at Hockenheim…

Race winner Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel attended the post-race interviews at Hockenheim.


Q. Congratulations Fernando, your third win, what go you think of a Spaniard in an Italian car, to win the German Grand Prix in front of all these German people here?

FA: OK, so I’m not a fan of politics so much but it is true that the situation is not great in Spain but it fun to drive an Italian car – designed by a Greek man – it’s good to win here. But, we enjoyed the race. We were competitive yesterday in wet conditions and today, starting on pole was, I think, the key factor, because it was difficult to overtake. We were maybe not the fastest but we keep the position.

Q. Sebastian, I have a difficult question. First of all you are second, congratulations, but I know that the stewards are looking because Jenson wasn’t very happy with the way you passed him. So, what do you think about it?

SV: Well, he didn’t say anything to me, so… he didn’t complain to me so… it was a difficult one, I wasn’t sure whether he was still on the inside or not and obviously the last thing you want to do is make contact, so, yeah, because at the angle he’s side by side but not really and I can’t see him from the inside of the car, so I tried to give enough room and then went wide and obviously we’re all struggling with our tyres, Jenson in particular, and that’s how I was able to get close and pass him.

Q. Congratulations Jenson, congratulations being third. Quick comment on the pass from Sebastian. Happy about it?

JB: Well, first of all I want to say thank you to the crowd. It’s amazing to see so many people here in the paddock. I had a great race out there. It’s nice to be fighting at the front again. It’s been a little while. But I had a great race and I don’t wish to comment at the moment on the manoeuvre at Turn Six.


Q. Fernando, well done, you were under pressure the whole time, I think the biggest lead you had was two seconds. How tough a race was it?

FA: It was tough, definitely, I don’t think it was an easy race because maybe we were not the quickest on dry conditions. But we were quite competitive, enough to maintain the lead. Also it was some good calls by the team in terms of strategy in the first stop and then obviously in the second stop when Jenson pits, we have to react, Sebastian and me, and up to that point I knew it was a long race, 27 laps to the end with Jenson putting a lot of pressure, but I don’t know, the car was feeling good, feeling good on traction and top speed, so it was enough to keep the lead into Turn Six. And then after that it is not possible to overtake in the last sector, so you try to control the tyres and, a little bit the race.

Q. How much of a mystery where the tyres?

FA: It was a question mark, I think, for everybody because we didn’t test on Friday enough laps to understand the tyres, also last year it was at the N