Superlicence points not set in stone


The FIA could yet tweak its superlicence criteria, conceding that adjustments on how many points each series is worth could be made “year-on-year”.

Earlier this month the FIA revealed its criteria for a driver wanting to apply for a superlicence.

Imposing a minimum age limit of 18 and insisting that the applicant must hold a valid road licence, the FIA has also put forward a points table to ensure that only those who have proven themselves in junior series can make it into F1.

That points table has not gone down well with everyone.

Renault have already approached the FIA as to why winning their Formula Renault 3.5 is only worth 30 points while others feel DTM should be added to the list.

The FIA, though, have now stated that the points table could be adjusted in the years to come.

A spokesman for motorsport’s governing body told Autosport: “We have defined a robust framework for the conditions of qualifications.

“With regards to the points system itself, it is effectively only natural that some adjustments may be done year-on-year.”

However, the FIA insist that they took various factors into account when deciding what each series is worth.

“The criteria with which the points system has been defined are not only driven by the relative sporting performance of the various championships.

“There are other considerations that we, as the rule maker, need to include as well.

“We are of course listening to Renault’s feedback or any other party involved.

“And, as explained before, based on our experience with the new superlicence structure, we might in the future adjust the points system.”