Surtees urges Hamilton to reconsider halo


John Surtees has urged Lewis Hamilton to support the halo head protection device as it could have potentially saved his son Henry.

Henry was killed in 2009 when he was struck by a tyre while racing in Formula Two.

"I suffered the tragedy of losing Henry which certainly could've been prevented by a development like this," Surtees told BBC Sport.

But while Surtees supports the concept, reigning World Champion Hamilton has spoken out against it.

In the wake of Ferrari's first run with the head protection device, the Mercedes driver made it clear that he was not impressed.

"Please no!" he wrote on Instagram. "This is the worst looking mod in Formula 1 history.

"I appreciate the quest for safety but this is Formula 1, and the way it is now is perfectly fine."

Former World Champion Surtees has urged the Mercedes driver to reconsider his stance on the halo.

He added: "Lewis could perhaps think a little more about the 'halo' and think about the responsibility he does have as a World Champion.

"Change comes about and sometimes changes are forced upon one. It may be that the governing body, just because of the momentum and the fact that they have gone this way, will have no option but to impose these regulations.

"Sebastian hit the nail very clearly on the head with what he said. Henry was hit by a wheel that weighed 28kg so there would have been a chance there [had a 'halo' been installed]."