Suspended fine for Williams


Williams have escaped a €10 000 (£7 320) fine after they used a set of prime tyres outside the permitted times during Free Practice One in Malaysia.

Drivers are all given an extra set of prime Pirelli rubber that can only be used during the first 30 minutes of FP1 at each grand prix, but Felipe Massa was seen using it after the cut-off time on Friday.

Williams were asked to do some explaining, but the FIA accepted that it was a mistake and they didn't benefit from it, and handed them a suspended €10 000 fine.

"The competitor admitted the infringement and sought to mitigate," said an FIA statement.

"Having considered the facts, the stewards accept the infringement was inadvertent and no advantage was gained as a result.

"In the circumstances, the stewards decided that a suspended penalty was appropriate for the infringement.

"The penalty is suspended for the rest of the season unless the competitor commits a similar infringement, in which case this penalty shall become payable immediately without prejudice for the further infringement."