Symonds: Refuelling won’t help F1


F1 could decide this weekend whether to press on with plans to bring refuelling back, however, Pat Symonds says it won't spice up the show.

Following last month's Strategy Group meeting, the FIA revealed several proposals aimed at improving the F1 show, one of which was the return of refuelling.

That, though, was dependent upon on a detailed evaluation that would include the costs with Toto Wolff saying at the time that Mercedes would only back it if the costs could be kept down and pit stops still took three or less seconds.

The report is expected to be discussed this weekend in Canada with Symonds the latest to warn that in the past it has proven that refuelling does not spice up the racing.

"Personally I am against refuelling because when we got rid of it, it was done on very solid grounds," the Williams chief technical officer told

"I was not a huge fan of it because we all got clever with it. We were all doing the same things and all the overtaking was happening in the pits.

"You would do the last pit stop and then drive around until the end."