‘Teams will quickly adjust to new qualy system’


Christian Horner reckons it won't take long for the teams to adjust to the new qualifying format, which has been delayed until Spain.

Last week's F1 Commission meeting yielded a revised format for Formula 1 qualifying whereby drivers will be eliminated during the three segments.

In Q1 for example, the drivers will have seven minutes to put in hot laps after which a driver will be eliminated every 1 minute 30 seconds until the chequered flag falls nine minutes later.

This process will continue in Q2 and Q3, although as each session is a minute shorter than the previous, the drivers will have a minute less at the start to set the best lap possible.

Initially it was thought that the new system would come into effect at the season-opening Australian GP but it has been delayed until the Spanish Grand Prix as FOM need time to revise the timing software.

But whenever it does come into use, Red Bull team boss Horner feels it won't be too much of an adjustment for the teams to adapt to.

"It's not a big departure from the current system," the Brit said to Autosport.

"It just puts more emphasis on getting it right on your initial runs.

"You will probably run a similar amount of tyres through the three stages of qualifying, so you just have to get your timing right.

"Of course, if there is a red or yellow flag, that is obviously going to create a mix around on the grid.

"So while there may be a slight element of randomness to it, teams will quickly learn to navigate their way through it."