The Big Fat 2014 Stats Quiz


How much can you remember from the races of 2014? We’ve been through the stats to pose our second big fat quiz of the holidays.

Some of the landmarks and milestones of 2014
1. Lewis Hamilton was the first Mercedes World Champion since who in 1955?

a) Juan Fangio
b) Stirling Moss
c) Wolfgang von Trips

2. Who was the last British driver to become a multiple World Champion?
a) Jackie Stewart
b) Graham Hill
c) Nigel Mansell

3. Which driver led the most laps in 2014 – with 495?
a) Nico Rosberg
b) Lewis Hamilton

4. Which driver completed the most laps in 2014 – for the record it was 1120 and 98.8% of the total?
a) Valtteri Bottas
b) Fernando Alonso
c) Jenson Button

5. Who completed the fewest number of laps – for the record it was 847 (74.7%)
a) Romain Grosjean
b) Pastor Maldonado
c) Adrian Sutil

6. Who had the most Q3 appearances from this lot?
a) Nico Rosberg
b) Lewis Hamilton
c) Fernando Alonso

7. Who was the only non-Mercedes pole position?
a) Valtteri Bottas
b) Daniel Ricciardio
c) Felipe Massa

8. Where did Daniel Ricciardo score Red Bull’s 50th GP win?
a) Canada
b) Hungary
c) Belgium

9. Who scored the most consecutive points finishes across the 2014 season?
a) Valtteri Bottas
b) Fernando Alonso
c) Daniel Ricciardo

10. Who drove the longest distance on one set of tyres?
a) Sergio Perez in Canada
b) Adrian Sutil in the USA
c) Nico Rosberg in Sochi

11. Apart from that bad boy Pastor Maldonado, who else racked up 5 penalty points across the season?
a) Kevin Magnussen
b) Sergio Perez
c) Marcus Ericsson

12. The official timecharts say that Sergio Perez led for 5 laps in 2014 and Nico Hulkenberg for 4. So how many did Valtteri Bottas lead for?
a) 1
b) 7
c) 12

13. One team completed 2,231 laps (98.4 percent), the most of any on the grid. But who was it?
a) Williams
b) Force India
c) McLaren

14. Bahrain was the race with the most pit-stops – 58 – but which was the grand prix with the fewest?
a) Russia
b) Italy
c) Monaco

15. Who monstered their team-mate in Qualifying by 16-3?
a) Fernando Alonso
b) Daniel Ricciardo
c) Daniil Kvyat

16. Where was the smallest winning margin – 0.6 between 1st and 2nd
a) Spanish GP
b) Monaco GP
c) Canadian GP

17. How many podiums did Red Bull score?
a) 12
b) 9
c) 7

18. What was the average age of the F1 driver in 2014?
a) 25 years 11 months
b) 27 years 4 months
c) 28 years 8 months

19. How many 1- 2 finishes did the Silver Arrows score?
a) 9
b) 11
c) 12

20. Lewis Hamilton made 17 Q3 appearances, how many did Kevin Magnussen make?
a) 11
b) 13
c) 15

Answers1. a) Fangio
2. a) Jackie Stewart, Our Noige only got one.
3. b) Lewis Hamilton
4. c) Jenson Button
5. b) Pastor Maldonado
6. a) Nico Rosberg
7. c) Felipe Massa (Austria)
8. c) Belgium
9. c) Daniel Ricciardo (the others scored more but not consecutively)
10. c) Rosberg – 304 kms!
11. c) Marcus Ericsson
12. a) 1
13. c) McLaren
14. b) Italy – 23
15. a) Alonso
16. a) Spain, between Hamilton and Rosberg
17. a) 12
18. b) 27 years 4 months
19. b) 11
20. c)15

If you scored:
17-20 – Top step of the podium
14-16 – Still on the podium, but with a small bottle
11-13 – Catching a few drips of Mumm
10 or less – Go straight back to