Three Silverstone executives suspended


Three Silverstone executives, including managing director Richard Phillips, have been suspended, but the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) insists it has nothing to do with the ongoing restructuring process.

The Daily Mail reports that Phillips as well as financial and legal directors Ed Brookes and David Thompson “were suspended last week and will remain on full pay until an investigation has been completed”.

The BRDC has confirmed the story, but insists it has nothing to do with the fact that they are edging closer to a management overhaul at the venue.

BRDC members John Grant and Lawrence Tomlinson are to become joint acting chief executives of Silverstone Circuit Limited under the restructuring process.

“The BRDC are taking a closer role in the running of the Silverstone business, with a new operating structure between the Club and the circuit,” read a BRCD statement.

“John Grant, chairman of the BRDC, and Lawrence Tomlinson, director of the BRDC, have assumed the role of joint acting chief executive of Silverstone Circuits Limited.

“Having reviewed the Silverstone business, they have embarked on an exciting programme of restructuring to make the business more streamlined, concentrating on their core competencies as a circuit operator and the home of the British Grand Prix.

“Whilst we cannot comment on the suspension of senior executives at SCL, it should be noted that this is only coincidental to the restructure.”