Todt: A headache, not cancer

Date published: June 25 2015 - Editor

FIA President Jean Todt says likened F1's problems to a "headache", adamant the sport is not having to "cure a cancer."

Formula 1's troubles have continued to make headlines over the last few months as smaller teams complain the costs, bigger teams about the engine rules and fans about the lack of excitement.

And the latter turning off their televisions and not buying tickets to the grands prix, the powers-that-be acknowledge that something needs to be done.

However, Todt insists it is not as dire as some are making it out to be.

"I don't think we are facing a cancer," said the Frenchman.

"We are facing a headache. So we need to find a prescription for the headache.

"I disagree that we have to cure a cancer. And in a way, the headache is on the way to be cured.

"We don't need big changes. I don't think F1 needs big changes."

He also voiced his frustrations over the complaints made by smaller team in recent months, saying they signed the deal, now they need to accept it.

"If people expect the FIA to change the distribution of the commercial rights, then it's true that I give up," said Todt.

"It would be completely irrelevant for me to say 'I'm going to speak to them' because those are the rules.

"How should I allow myself to claim something that is not within our responsibility?

"Where I feel frustrated is [those] who are complaining who did not take the best deal – why did they accept?"

As for customer cars being touted as a solution to all Formula 1's problems, Todt says he hates the very idea.

"I hate customer cars," he stated. "I think the fascination of F1 that you have the firm ground that everyone participates on. Group A, Group B is fine, but in different categories.

"Saying that, if we can find a way to facilitate access to certain technologies and development, I am not absolutely against that. But I am against a [two-tier] system.

"For me, it is fine to have Group A, and Group B. But it must be in different categories. F1, F2, League A, League B, that is fine. Inside of a category to have, by name, a difference? I would be against it."