Todt: F1 too expensive and too complicated


FIA president Jean Todt has said Formula 1 "needs action and emotion" if the sport is to have a successful future with new owners Liberty Media.

Concerns that the new aerodynamic regulations would lead to fewer overtakes came true at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

And while a lack of race action was noted, Todt has also said that the gap between the front and the midfield is still too large.

"It needs action and emotion," Todt said.

"We lose a lot of emotion on the track and we need to address that, even if all the teams are reluctant when talking about it."

"There is too big a discrepancy between the smallest and the biggest budget," he said. "The cars are more spectacular and faster but I'm a bit worried about the racing and the gaps between the teams.

"As nice as it is that Mercedes has an opponent in Ferrari, the gap of two seconds from the midfield to the top is too much.

"We will really dream of having the ten first cars in seven or eight tenths and at the moment it is not yet happening."

Todt warned, though, that the FIA will not be dictated to by Liberty Media over any changes, but are willing to work with them in the best interests of the sport.

"The final responsibility will always be in the hands of the FIA," he added. "We make and control the rules.

"But I'm glad the Liberty people are thinking about the future. I'm willing to listen to their thoughts about the regulations, just as I respect any input from all sides.

"We are ready to make a collective effort to make F1 as good as possible."