Todt: Kubica must pass FIA medical checks


Jean Todt has revealed that the FIA's medical doctor will play a role in deciding whether Robert Kubica is granted a super license.

The Polish driver, dreaming of a return to the Formula 1 grid for the first time since suffering life-threatening injuries in a rally crash in 2011, will test for Williams in Abu Dhabi this week.

That test will determine whether the Grove team signs Kubica as Lance Stroll's 2018 team-mate.

However, the decision as to whether he races won't be entirely in Williams' hands as FIA president Todt says he will have to pass the FIA's medical checks.

"We have expert people who are there – and I am sure all necessary steps will be done if we have to face the situation," said Todt.

"Drivers, they come and they leave – and of course Kubica is different because the reason he had to stop was that he had a very bad rally crash.

"He survived from it and he came back into the business in rallying.

"Now he is in single-seaters, so time will tell.

"But clearly, we have all the standards to give the medical checks, so it is up to the doctors to decide."