Todt: ‘No way back’ from the Halo


FIA president Jean Todt has said there is now "no way back" from the Halo safety device which "offers incredible value" to the drivers.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the last race before the Halo is introduced and, according to Lewis Hamilton, the "last time that the cars will look good".

The Halo has been widely criticised, mainly for aesthetic reasons, but Todt has said that it is still going to be implemented regardless of whether people like it or not.

"There is no way back," Todt told Speed Week.

"The Halo is coming and it is staying. Why? Because it offers incredible value for safety.

Todt is well aware of the criticism levelled at the Halo device, but it is here to stay until and if a better alternative becomes available.

"I am fascinated by what has been written about it," he added.

"The Halo is simply part of the natural continuity of Formula 1.

"Of course it does not have to be the final word either. If we find a better solution then we will introduce it."