Todt not sold on weekend shake-up


Jean Todt has revealed that none of the proposed suggestions to shake-up F1's race weekend format are "better" than the current format.

As Formula 1 continues to debate various ways to make the sport more exciting for fans, some have suggested dropping down to a two-day format.

This would mean all the practices, which seldom draw in huge crowds, would take place on the Saturday with two instead of three sessions.

However that proposal as well as other variations have failed to grab Todt's attention.

"With as many people as we have, and as many ideas as we have, it is something we have been discussing," Autosport quotes the FIA President as having said.

"But so far we haven't had any proposal we have found to be better than the existing situation.

"If there was a proposal that clearly demonstrated it was a step forward then we are not against it.

"Also, I'm not a promoter, and you must look at it from a promoter's point of view because they are the ones who finance the weekends.

"Every time you say to a promoter 'Shorten your race weekend' they are against it."

In fact given the number of fans that attended Friday's running in Mexico, the Frenchman says perhaps a "bigger programme" on a Friday is needed.

"Look at Mexico on Friday – and of course it depends on which circuit you are at – but look at the enthusiasm and how happy they [the fans] were there was a show.

"Sometimes I feel there should even be a bigger programme for them.

"But as I say, so far we have not had a proposal that is better than what we have now."