Todt: Two new teams by 2019 possible


FIA boss Jean Todt has said there is "a lot of interest" from new teams as they try to extend the grid to 24 cars.

There are strong rumours that a Chinese-backed team are preparing for life in Formula 1, with certain Red Bull staff already approached and some media outlets claiming that a company called 'China F1 Racing Team' has been registered at the Companies House in London.

And Todt revealed that there is a clear wish to attract new teams, though it will not be possible for the 2018 season due to the time constraints.

"We currently have 10 teams, but the idea is to have 12," Todt told L'Equipe.

"There is an opportunity for one or two teams to join F1. There are a lot of rumours in this area, but there is a clear interest from several sides.

"When we see that the right time has come, we will announce a process for potential new teams."