Top 5 F1 Bets For The 2016 Season


Due to its long season, global accessibility, and intriguing storylines, Formula One is one of the most popular forms of auto racing in the world.

It’s also one of the most popular sports in the world to bet on, and punters everywhere regularly enjoy putting sizable wagers (and winning sizable amounts of real cash) on F1 from the comfort of their favorite online sportsbook.

The 2016 F1 season is well under way, and below we’ve listed five of the most popular bets for this year that are receiving tons of action.

To Win A Race In 2016
A lot harder than it sounds (especially if you are a convert from another form of racing with more parity, say NASCAR), pretty good money can be made if you have the gumption and foresight to correctly pick any racer to win a single race during the 2016 season.

While it might seem like a ballsy move to take any driver besides Lewis Hamilton and his 1:5000 odds or Sebastian Vettel at 1:20 (Rosberg has already completed the bet’s proposition), putting even just a little bit of money on a racer like Daniel Ricciardo (who is just two years removed from winning three races) could pay out solidly at 5:6 odds.

Sports betting is becoming popular year by year, one of the biggest sports where betting takes place is Formula One, the unpredictably factor is what makes the sport so interesting. As anything can happen the fans that have put in wagers on the underdogs have gone on to win some big money. With many sites out there it’s becoming easier to place a wager on your driver, however if you’re a new player and don’t know what site to pick, check out this list of reviews to find out all the vital information you need before betting.

Lewis Hamilton vs. Nico Rosberg
One could also argue though why waste your time betting on any driver that’s not one of the Big Two in Formula One right now: Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg. After watching the last two seasons, every F1 fan seemingly has an opinion on who is the better of the two and who is going to take the World Drivers’ Championship in 2016.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg Bahrain

With season match bets, you can put money where your opinion is on whether Hamilton or Rosberg will finish with with more championship points at the end of the year. Even if the unthinkable happens and another driver ends up winning the title, your bet will still pay out if your driver finishes ahead of the other. Right now, Rosberg has better odds in this match bet (not surprising since he’s won the first three races of the campaign) at around 8:13 compared to Lewis’ 6:5.

2016 Constructors’ Championships
Possibly a little more interesting than betting on the small field of actually competitive drivers is wagering on the Constructors’ Championship. Not unlike the Drivers’ Championship, the WCC seems to be won in streaks with five of the last six winning manufacturers taking home titles in pairs of two or more consecutively.

Although the title has for the most part belonged to Ferrari and Red Bull since the turn of the century, it’s been Mercedes that has taken the championship the last two seasons. And with both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg driving their cars yet again this year, it’s hard to believe that the the Germans and their 1/25 odds won’t pay out yet again.

Who Will Win The Monaco Grand Prix?
Before Rosberg’s current streak of winning it three straight times, only one other driver (Fernando Alonso) had won at Monaco twice in a row since 1996. The most prestigious race in F1 is notoriously hard to predict, and even if the driver’s championship seems like a runaway by the end of May, don’t count out the possibility of any other driver being a surprise winner of this insanely demanding race.

It will be a few more weeks (probably after the Russian and Spanish Grand Prix) before Monaco odds are released, but you can bet that the odds for the drivers not named Lewis or Rosberg will be listed much more competitively compared to the other races in the season due to the unpredictable history of the course.

2016 Drivers’ Championship
With the grid expanding to 22 cars for the first time in 2016, on paper the chase for the Drivers’ Championship is more competitive than ever. However, like we said earlier, the title is likely going to have to go through about two to five of those drivers–and that number is going to shrink each week as Rosberg’s win count (and odds of winning) gets higher and higher every week.


Besides the German, sportsbooks list the best odds to overtake him and win the title for themselves are Daniel Ricciardo (80:1), Kimi Raikkonen (66:1), Sebastian Vettel (10/1), and of course Rosberg’s Mercedes’ teammate and two-time defending F1 Champion, Lewis Hamilton (11:8).