Toro Rosso and Red Bull could be closer in 2018


According to Toro Rosso technical director James Key, they could be working with senior team Red Bull much closer in 2018 as both outfits will be running Renault engines.

He also added that once both franchises adapt to the new regulations in 2017, sharing of data between the two teams could be possible as they are hoping to be closer in performance.

Apart from power unit comparisons, they could also help each other develop other aspects of the car, but that all depends on how next year pans out.

"There are several areas nowadays where it's acceptable to run the same part or for one team to design a bit and allow the other team to use it and so on, said Key on Toro Rosso’s official website.

"That's all good. It means we can pool our resources a bit more and have better synergies in those areas and certainly, both teams are looking to see what opportunities there are.

"The problem with new regulations of course is you've got nothing to discuss because you've got to go through the whole design process.

"In 2017 therefore, there will not be that many opportunities for synergies.

"In the second year of these regs, once you've got bits that work within that set of regulations, then it opens up many more, so 2018 will be a better opportunity. Having said that, having the same engine helps. It draws together a huge amount of commonality in certain areas on the power train side."