Toro Rosso ‘happier than you think’


Toro Rosso’s technical director James Key has said he is encouraged by the data being pulled in despite their limited running this week.

Daniil Kvyat has been restricted to just one lap on Day Four as the STR12 undergoes an engine change, putting Toro Rosso bottom in terms of miles covered over the course of the week.

“When we have run, it has been OK,” Key told Sky Sports.

“We have not had nearly as much running as we hoped for various reasons. We are stuck in the garage at the moment. So it has been a bit frustrating as well. We have only run the medium tyre, and we have not done any performance running.

“We are not doing lap times this week, we are just trying to get miles on the car.

“But everything we have seen in terms of the aero numbers, in terms of the characteristics of the car, appear to be pretty much in line with expectations. So on that basis we are actually happier than maybe externally you would think.”