Toro Rosso hush on engine talks


While all the talk of late has been about Red Bull losing Renault power, junior team Toro Rosso are also now in the hunt for a new engine supplier.

Renault announced earlier this week that their days of supplying engines to Formula 1 teams are over. The only question still to be answered is will it end this year or at the next of 2016 when their current Red Bull deal expires.

Renault's decision, which comes in the midst of a second disappointing season with V6 engines, not only means Red Bull need new supplier but so too does junior team Toro Ross.

"As Renault decided not to supply us anymore with engines of course we have to take into consideration to change the engine," said team boss Franz Tost when asked if he engineers are 'anticipating a change of power unit' in their 2016 designs.

However, who that new supplier may be he isn't saying.

He added: "Confidential talks are continuing, therefore I don't know at the moment which engine we will have in the car next year.

"I hope that we will get a result soon but currently we have confidential negotiations and as I mentioned before I hope we come to a result as soon as possible."