Toro Rosso preview the Australian GP


Both Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz are relishing F1's return to Melbourne as they are anticipating a "fun" race and hopefully a few points…

Max Verstappen: "Last year's Australian GP was a very special weekend for me: I was so excited to be taking part in my first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix! The parts of the circuit that standout for me are Turn 1, where you arrive quite fast – or at least that was my feeling back then, as it was all very new to me! – and it's bumpy in the braking area, so I remember that I found it a bit difficult to get the braking right for that turn. Other things I remember was halfway through the lap, when you arrive to Turn 10, I could see a lot of fans there, sitting on the grass – they are so passionate and it's so nice to see! At that same point I was also able to see part of the beautiful city. The last part of the track has some good combination of corners, even though it was a bit of a disappointing part last year, as it's the sector where I retired… To be racing in point's position in your first F1 race and have to retire is something hard to experience! But all in all, it's a fun, enjoyable track and I just can't wait to go back!"

Carlos Sainz: "I have very good memories from Australia, probably some of the best of 2015, as I ended up P8 in my first ever F1 qualifying session and then went on to score points in my debut race. Preparing for this race again definitely puts a smile on my face! I discovered this track for the first time last year and I can say I really enjoyed it. I remember that Turn 1 is quite bumpy and it's therefore easy to lock the front wheels. The second DRS zone is a tricky one, as we open it just as we exit Turn 2. What we need to be careful with is the entry of Turn 6, as it's quite easy to put a tyre on the grass! I also recall having to get very close to the wall at Turns 9 and 10, as this gives you lap time, and it reminds me a bit of Monaco. My favourite part of the track, and also the fastest, are Turns 11 and 12, driven in sixth gear. The last sector also includes another nice combination of corners that I enjoy very much, even though the final two turns are the trickiest, especially Turn 16, where you're fighting with the steering wheel to get a good exit. I definitely had good fun out there last year and I hope to say the same this time!"