Toro Rosso preview the Belgian GP


Jean-Eric Vergne says Spa has all the ingredients for a “great weekend” while Daniil Kvyat is hoping for a bit of rain…

Jean-Eric Vergne: “Spa is undoubtedly one of the best circuits on the calendar and I think I’d have to say it’s also my favourite track. I love it for so many different reasons, starting with the track itself. Then I also like the country and the area where the circuit is, which is very beautiful. In Belgium I also always have a lot of Belgian fans waiting for me and the place just feels like home. It’s a great race weekend. Of course, this place is famous for its strange weather, with rain at one part of the track and not at another, which is an aspect I actually enjoy. It also has that mix of the high speed sections, where you need good engine power and the slower more technical section on the part of the track that links up the two bits from the original old 14 kilometre circuit. Always a great weekend!

Daniil Kvyat: “I have very good memories, as I won here three times. But once you get to the track, everything starts again from zero and how well you do depends on how good a job you do starting on Friday morning. Spa is a legendary track, I’ve enjoyed driving there in the past, so I am really looking forward to tackling it in a Formula One car for the frst time. It is defnitely one of my favourites. What do you need there? A powerful engine combined with high downforce, which you need on the second sector, which is technically challenging and for the frst and third sectors you also want good stability under braking with plenty of straight line speed. If it rains that’s fne for me, as it’s the same for everyone.”