Toro Rosso preview the Canadian Grand Prix


Daniil Kvyat claims Montreal is one of the "coolest" cities on the calendar, while Carlos Sainz is relishing the challenge presented by the 'Wall of Champions'.

Daniil Kvyat: “I really like Montreal, it's one of the coolest cities we travel to. There's a lot of good streets to walk around and do some shopping, many good restaurants and bars… The atmosphere there is just fantastic! The track is also quite unique, as it has many chicanes and a few long straights. Trying to put a lap together there is never easy, and you need to build the pace throughout the weekend. It's a good place to go racing as there are many good opportunities for overtaking. I'm very into ice hockey and my trainer is a very big fan of this sport – he's an ex ice hockey player in fact! I was trying to learn but we never have time for this… I hope he reads this preview and finally takes me to play a match together! It's a contact sport which I think is very exciting to watch. In Russia it's very popular too – Russians and Canadians are big rivals in this sport! I remember trying syrup for the first time at one of the race weekends in Canada – the organisers gave all us drivers a box full of typically Canadian food and the syrup was good! If I have time to go shopping I will try and get some to take back home. One day I'd like to go and visit the Niagara Falls, they look like some amazing waterfalls! I always try and plan it around the Canadian GP week, but never really found the time… I will need to make sure I do one day!”

Carlos Sainz: “Montreal is actually one of my favourite cities. The hotel where we stay at is nice and there are many good restaurants to go to in the evenings – especially some great steakhouses! I really enjoy it there. The entrance to the Paddock in Canada is quite a particular one, as you have to walk on a floating bridge to cross the lake – I've always said that I would jump into that water if I won the race… But if it's as cold as it was last year, there's no way I would do that, not even if I won the world championship! So maybe I should change this – I will do anything else except jumping in the water, because I can't stand the cold! My favourite parts of the track are Turns 4 and 5, and also Turns 6 and 7. You drive between the walls and it's normally a section where there are a lot of leaves, which makes it even more of a challenge… You drive very fast through these turns and ride on the kerbs. I must also admit that the Wall of Champions is a challenge I always look forward to, even though I've crashed there in the past…”