Toro Rosso preview the German GP

Date published: July 16 2014 - Editor

Jean-Eric Vergne sees a lot of potential for overtaking at Hockenheim while Daniil Kvyat has good memories of the German track.

Jean-Eric Vergne: “It’s a nice track and I like the stadium section, the right hand bend and the hairpin, which is a fantastic section in a Formula One car: you drive the whole lap just looking forward to this section! If the track could be just this, it would be fantastic. The rest of it includes a straight that is long enough to allow you to overtake. In fact there are quite a few overtaking opportunities here. I also like the high speed first corner, which requires real commitment from the driver.”

Daniil Kvyat: “I have good memories of racing here, including getting pole position in Formula 3 last year. It’s a nice fowing circuit with some fast straights, some heavy braking, especially for the famous hairpin where you can overtake, fast corners and the stadium section with its big crowd. I like the location with the countryside and the forests, which I always appreciate more than the hassle of a city. It’s a classic European track, requiring a good amount of downforce. There are some long straights but that’s not where the main lap time is found. So you have to have good stability in the more twisty sections.”