Toro Rosso preview the Spanish GP


Daniil Kvyat makes his return to Toro Rosso at the Spanish GP with the both the Russian driver and team-mate Carlos Sainz with something to prove…

Daniil Kvyat: “The Barcelona track is one I know well as I've tested there many times since I was a kid. Turn 1 is a good spot for overtakes, while Turn 3 is a long, endless corner. I like Turn 9 as it's the fastest corner here, I'd say it's my favourite of this track. The last sector is quite twisty, slow and requires a lot of technique.

“I have to say that, even though we know this circuit inside out, it's not an easy one as its very set-up dependent. You need to really be able to set-up your car in a nice way and get a good compromise between high and low speed, slow and fast sections as well as deciding how you want your car to be behaving regarding oversteer and understeer… So whoever manages to do this the best will have a good race, but it's always a challenge.

“As a city, I really like Barcelona. I lived nearby for half a year and I really like this part of the world and Spain in general. I also think that because I speak Spanish it helps and it means people can support and talk to me, which is always nice.”

Carlos Sainz: “What stands out for me the most during the whole weekend in Spain is the amazing crowd that we have there, as they never stop cheering for the Spanish drivers, it's an incredible feeling.

“My favourite memory from last year is driving down the main straight after my quali lap and seeing so many happy people celebrating my P5 with me. I have to say that I was smiling during the whole of that in-lap and it's a moment I will never forget!

“We know the circuit's layout very well, as we've spent many test days there. Turn 1 reminds me of my battle with Kvyat last year for P9 and finally getting past him at that point of the track. I'd say Turn 3 is quite a challenge as it's close to flat and you also have to take the wind direction into consideration a bit. I recall overtaking Hulkenberg, Raikkonen and Massa around the outside there – it's incredible to be side by side at around 260km/h, knowing that if you touch, your race ends there!

“Turns 4 and 5 are corners where it's easy to front-lock. I enjoy Turn 9 as it's the fastest corner of the track and going through here during qualifying last year felt amazing! During the last sector it's important to keep the tyres alive – especially the rears – and as you approach the straight and you get to Turn 16 you always experience massive oversteer as it's close to flat.

“I can't wait for my home Grand Prix to get started!”