Toro Rosso preview the USA GP


Toro Rosso pair Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz have their say on the upcoming weekend in Austin.

Daniil Kvyat:  “I think the Circuit of The Americas is a bit of a combination of a few other circuits: a very mixed circuit, with fast and slow parts – it's an impressive one. I always lose a kilo of weight on purpose before this race to be able to regain it there and eat loads of meat – some ribs with some delicious barbecue sauce! I'm also staying and not flying to the next race until Tuesday afternoon – I will eat more ribs! (Laughs) (Austin,) it's small but… very cute! There are a few nice things to do there. I like going shopping to some of the few shopping centres there when we have a bit of spare time.”

Carlos Sainz: "Turns 16 to 18 remind me of that famous very long corner in Turkey, even though I've never raced there. What we don't like about it this year though are the long straights! And the rest of it we like, and a lot, don't we?! I also want to say that from all the new tracks that have been built recently, this one and Malaysia are two of the nicest. Another thing we can't forget about Texas are the barbecues! Last year I arrived there a day earlier just to be able to go and have a barbecue…! Everyone was talking about it, so I had to try! The city is actually quite small. There's a very big, long avenue where all the action takes place, with plenty of music – it's somewhere we might go on Sunday night, but not during the rest of the weekend. I like it there. After the race I'm staying in Austin for a couple of days with some friends, it will be fun!”