Toro Rosso wary of engine part ‘headache’


As Formula 1 prepares for a season with fewer penalty-free engine parts, Franz Tost admits it could be a “headache” for Toro Rosso and new engine partner Honda.

This season Formula 1 has reduced the number of engine parts permitted before drivers begin to incur penalties.

The number of ICEs, MGU-Hs and turbochargers is down to three while each car may only use two MGU-Ks, batteries and control units.

Given Honda’s wretched reliability over the past three years, Tost concedes that could yet prove to be a problem for Toro Rosso.

“That depends primarily on how Honda keeps their durability under control but clearly, it will not be easier,” Tost told SpeedWeek when asked for his thoughts on the reduced number of parts.

“This reduced number of units will give us a bit of a headache.”

Tost, though, insists there is cause for optimism.

“Nobody will disagree when I say: Honda offers a fantastic infrastructure. There are also very clever and highly motivated technicians.

“The shortcomings of the past are recognised, and everyone is about to eliminate them.”