Tost ‘thinks’ Toro Rosso-Renault feud is over


Franz Tost says he “had to say something” in Brazil after Renault put the blame on Toro Rosso’s engine failures on the F1 team.

Renault’s F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul stated Toro Rosso’s spate of engine issues were because of the way in which they ran the engine.

Toro Rosso hit back a day later saying one must not forget just who Renault are battling in the championship.

With their integrity called into question, Renault reportedly threatened to withhold engine while Tost was adamant that he would not apologise.

The Renault threat never came to fruition, and in fact the entire matter seems to have died down quietly.

Tost, though, says he still doesn’t regret his team’s statement.

“I had the feeling that I had to say something,” he told

“You know, that if the team is being criticised, and we feel this is not 100 percent correct, then we have to give a statement. And this is what we did.

“Whether it’s done correctly or not is another question. We just clarified our point of view.”

Asked if the matter was now over, he said: “I think so, I didn’t hear anything any more, so that’s it.”