Tyre shake-up will lead to mix strategies – Hembery

Date published: January 17 2016 - Editor

Paul Hembery is confident that Pirelli's tyre shake-up will lead to "some different strategies" on race weekends and in turn more exciting racing.

As of this season the teams will be able to chose their own tyre compounds for each grand prix weekend.

Pirelli will take three compounds to each venue, dictating one for Q3 and two for the Sunday race.

But once the teams have used those compounds for that allotted section, they can use as many – or as few – of the others as they want.

"It's an in an interesting change for the teams having the ability to choose the compounds for each race," Pirelli motorsport boss Hembery told Crash.net. "I am sure that is going to throw up a few variations in the first races and that could lead to some different strategies on a race weekend.

"During the year that will normalise a little bit as teams get to understand where other teams are, you tend to find the teams that are very close together in performance will follow as well as they can to their competitors."

Hembery, though, is hopeful that F1's midfield teams will continue to be open to taking risks in a bid to get the jump on one another.

"Hopefully it will lead to something like in 2012 and 2013 where Force India, Lotus (now Renault) and Sauber were able to take a different approach and divide strategies between cars to provide them with a result which was in excess of where they qualified.

"So that is the real hope and it could be pretty good if a few teams do split strategies between the drivers."

As for what F1 fans or even Pirelli will know of each teams' tyre choice, he said: "I don't know when we are allowed to see the team choices. It is the FIA that announces the choices made by the teams, I am just led to believe that there are variations. That will provide that element of surprise."